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About us

Who we are

Fine Urban Interiors is the company behind some of the most fantastic home and hotel designs; for inspiration, see some of our work samples in our portfolio. We have done various successful projects in places like Turkana, Samburu, Isiolo, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kisumu, Kisii and even across the Kenyan border.

We specialize in designing clubs, restaurants, salons and barber shops, hospitals, schools, homes, hotels, commercial buildings and boutiques. One of the most obviously inspiring aspects of our profession is creativity.We find it very rewarding to use our job as a creative outlet. We constantly challenge ourselves rime to time, improving endlessly, reinventing ourselves and keeping our design approach fresh and exciting.

We are responsible for our clients’ satisfaction and for achieving each projects’s functional, aesthetic and financial goals. We are responsible for conducting ourselves with professionalism, integrity and honesty while acting in the client’s best interests.

Cleophas Nyagaka


Our History

Since 2012, Fine Urban Interiors has helped clients transform the heart of their home. We specialize in creating innovative fitted interiors and outdoor renovations. With our help you can turn any space in to a haven and every day walls into beautiful focal points.

Our extensive knowledge calls upon matured skill and craftsmanship. We create stunning spaces using the highest quality materials, uniquely for you. As a result of the incredible imagination of our talented team, we are among the market leaders in our field. It is hard to tell when I first realized that my life was going to be connected to art, but now I’m sure it was meant to be from the start.

Today, Fine Urban Interiors successfully applies the strongest wishes of our clients and their happy smiles are the best proof of it. If you’re faced with the decision to choose a team to trust with your new interior design project, we are glad to offer our services.

5 Reasons why customers choose us

Attention to details:

Design is not limited with the arrangement of furniture or lighting elements. In order to get a good result, every detail of internal space should have the right shape and color and be placed correctly.

Quality of our work:

In interior design just like in chess, every step is fateful and important. If you do not think through all the steps in advance, you can make mistakes, which will be visible at the final stage. This is why we control the quality of fulfilling the order during all stages.

We help you save money:

With the right approach, you receive both an album with the visualizations and drawings and a completed interior, created for the project. The studio services include: picking the materials, furniture and lighting. Our bonus and discount conditions allow you to buy materials and furniture more beneficially.

Use of new technology:

The world does not stand still – and we offer you to do the same thing. The projects of our company are fulfilled considering the latest techniques and tendencies in design, taking into account their comfortability for the customer.

Beauty & Comfort:

We agree that aesthetics in design is very important. However, interior design also influences living condions. We do our best to make our projects both stylish and comfortable. We fulfill our goals based on these principles.

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